Care & Maintenance

Maintaining the power of BioSmart® is simple and easy. Plus, the technology lasts. Just follow these guidelines:

  • To activate your BioSmart garment, wash fabric or garment in EPA registered chlorine bleach according to care instructions on the label prior to wearing.
  • EPA registered chlorine bleach can be found at such stores as Costco, Sam’s Club, Target & Walmart and grocery chains. Follow washing instructions as found on the label.
  • Do not use color safe bleach
  • Maintains effectiveness through 75 washes
  • Passed ISO 10933 skin irritation tests

You Keep Washing, the Chlorine Keeps Killing

BioSmart fabric is durable through 75 home and industrial washes, so it lasts. In fact, the shelf life of BioSmart-treated textile substrates has been tested out to 3 months with no significant reduction of bound chlorine.

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