BioSmart is a patented technology that binds chlorine from the wash to the surface of fabrics.

BioSmart® Binds Chlorine to Kill Germs.

BioSmart is a patented technology, engineered into the fabric, that binds chlorine from the wash to the surface of the fabrics, the chlorine inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria. Here’s how. When laundered as directed with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach, BioSmart binds the chlorine to its surface, which then kills bacteria on contact by invading their cells.

BioSmart technology is available in items such as medical labcoats, medical scrubs, privacy curtains, aprons, butcher coats, workshirts, and pants through selected partners, learn more.

Where to Buy

BioSmart enginered technology products are available through our select partners.

How it Works?

BioSmart technology binds EPA registered chlorine bleach to the fabric to help minimize contamination on garments and towels.

Case Studies

A case study done at a beef processing plant showed that garment contamination can be a problem.